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Options for Licensing Your Tiny House

Tiny SMART House offers various types of builds to best fit your situation. Please review the following information, and then contact us to discuss your needs. We are very experienced working with county and city officials to properly place tiny houses for full time residential, commercial, or rental use.

World Manufacturer Identifier
World RV Manufacturer ID

As a licensed tiny house manufacturer with a World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI 4T9129), Tiny SMART House Inc has the ability to assign an actual Recreational Vehicle (RV) VIN to your tiny house, if you choose this type of designation for your tiny home. This is an international recognition which allows Tiny SMART House to build tiny houses and ship them anywhere in the world. With this designation, your Tiny SMART House is considered an RV.

This RV VIN is very important to be able to properly identify your tiny house as an RV, and not just an "assembled vehicle" or not just a "utility trailer VIN" that other companies may only be able to provide. With a properly assigned RV VIN, your tiny house financing and insurance are much easier to obtain, and often less expensive than if you had other types of designations.

RVIA certified manufacturer
RVIA Certification

Tiny SMART House Inc is also an RVIA certified manufacturer. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is also an international agency and it certifies that all of its members meet or exceed the ANSI codes for RVs and Park Model RVs. This international certification is the most widely accepted certification for RVs and is often looked for when seeking financing through a bank or credit union.

NADA Guides
NADA Recognition

Tiny SMART House Inc and our various tiny home models are in the process of being listed with full NADA recognition. This is primarily to help our customers with financing valuations, which will help banks and credit unions more easily provide loans on our standard tiny houses. Similar to the Kelley Blue Book, the "National Automobile Dealers Association" publishes the NADA Guide, or sometimes called the NADA Blue Book, which lists the value of your tiny house. Valuations in the NADA Guide will take into consideration the MSRP of our standard models, so they can be used as a starting point. Custom builds and special modifications will add value to your tiny home.

Unlike the Kelley Blue Book which primarily deals with automobiles, NADA guides also provide valuations on new and used cars and trucks, as well as recreational vehicles, manufactured homes, boats, motorcyles, and more. The NADA guides are the largest provider of vehicle data and information to dealers, banks and credit unions, fleet and lease organizations, insurance companies, government agencies and other financial institutions.

Prefabricated Tiny Houses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho
"Prefabricated" Tiny Houses

Our prefabricated license is a new option since 2016, and it allows us to build Tiny SMART Houses to meet either residential code or commercial code. Furthermore, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho have a joint inspection and certification program where we can license your tiny house in any or all three of these states. Other state certifications are possible through a third party inspection process.

Your Tiny SMART House prefab can still be moved under this license, although it's not as simple as hooking up to a truck and driving off with it, like the RV certification. Most zoning and planning requirements will have standards for how your tiny house is tied down to the property and how your utilities are hooked up. This requires city and/or county approval, and there is a permitting process.

The primary benefit of the prefab option is that you can have your Tiny SMART House built in our factory, and be properly designed to meet zoning/building requirements for residential living. Many of our clients are looking to place a tiny house on their land and live there full time. This option offers a way to do that.

Oregon CCB 211275
On-Site Build

This is a local option for those that want a permanent Tiny SMART House on their property. Site builds are all standard construction methods built on site to meet the local and state building codes. The site build tiny house is a common option for an ADU (accessory dwelling unit). Although we can certainly build an ADU in our factory and deliver it to the site, there are many clients that want ADUs on their property and prefer to have it built or assembled on site. Often, the size or accessibility to the site makes delivery difficult or even impossible. In these cases a site built structure may be the only option for placing a tiny house.

Please contact us for more information about what type of build and licensing would work best for you.

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