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Gable Roof, Loft and Bedroom Option

Beautiful Oregon Trail design and built by Tiny SMART House LLC, sold to two really wonderful, interesting people living in their THOW parked in Portland, Oregon.

The Oregon Trail tiny house offers premium quality and beautiful wood features throughout. The primary style difference setting it apart from our Washington Craftsman tiny house is the more shallow roof pitch.

The tongue and groove ceiling features a double dormer over the loft which provides excellent volume and added headroom to this tiny house sleeping space. Night after night, you'll find yourself marveling at the natural beauty of the wood grain patterns as you doze off to sleep. Custom inlay and other woodworking detail options are available.

The tiny house bathroom in our Oregon Trail tiny home tucked in the back under the loft is efficiently functional and helps maximize the space of the living room and kitchen areas. This open floor plan offers a suprisingly ample amount of space for dinner parties and entertaining guests in your tiny house.

We can customize the kitchen and open areas to your specific needs and ideas. One popular option is a multi-purpose day bed and reading nook area. All of our tiny house designs are customizable, so your Tiny SMART House can best fit your needs.

Please contact us for more information or to talk about a custom floorplan for your tiny house.



Please contact Tiny SMART House for more information about our tiny houses.

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