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Tiny SMART House

Oregon Tiny House Builder

Thank you for stopping by our website gallery of our Tiny SMART House tiny houses.

The Tiny SMART House company is an officially licensed Oregon RV manufacturer and we build all of our Tiny SMART Houses to meet both Oregon DMV and ANSI certification. With a Tiny SMART House, you get a licensed, functional RV built like a house, to last like a house.

We've built and helped build many tiny houses for happy customers all across the United States and Canada. Every tiny home we build is fully customized to best fit your housing needs, lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences.

We offer a unique Build It Yourself program, with any level of help from the beginning to the end of your tiny house build, and everything in between. We'd be honored to be part of your tiny house story.

For those of you seeking to transition to tiny living, especially if you're building your own tiny home, our company can provide a wide range of resources to help you on your journey. If you need a little extra help, expert advice, and encouragement in building your tiny home, we also offer professional design services.

Let us know how we can help you. Contact us with questions or for a custom quote.


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